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Why is mediation beneficial to divorcing parents?

| Apr 5, 2021 | Divorce |

You may no longer want to live with your spouse. That does not mean you have to fall out. Things do not always work out as planned, and around 39% of marriages do not last.

Divorce does not need to be a pitched battle

When you see divorce portrayed in the media, it is the bitter disputes that grab the headlines. Stories about couples that separate and remain friends do not sell papers or gain clicks. Yet, they are the real success stories. Not one person taking the other for all they are worth. It is especially true for couples with children.

A high conflict divorce can harm your children

Think back to when you were a kid. Did you enjoy it when your mom and dad argued? Not getting to see both parents every day is hard enough for a child to handle. They can do without watching their parents fight over money or who gets custody.

Mediation enables a low conflict divorce

Mediation is a way to end your marriage less dramatically. Rather than arguing in court, you work with a neutral third party to search for compromise.

Reducing conflict is not the only advantage of mediation. The process is quicker than litigation. Therefore it will save you money. Divorce has a big enough financial impact as it is. Why make it worse?

Using mediation to end your marriage allows you to move on with life sooner. The more civil you keep your split, the easier it will be to work together to raise your child. You might not want to be spouses, but you will always be parents.