The Karenko Law Firm Joins Clear Lake Area Chamber of Commerce

Membership with the Clear Lake Area Chamber of Commerce Poses a Number of Great Benefits

The Karenko Law Firm PLLC has recently joined the Clear Lake Area Chamber of Commerce. This membership will allow my legal team and I to grow and expand my scope in Galveston County, as well as create opportunities for my staff and me to connect with other professionals and business owners in the community. It also establishes my firm as a high-quality service provider and cements my reputation as a trustworthy, effective legal service provider.

As a Chamber member, I will also be able to participate in enriching community events, such as golf tournaments, bowling competitions, new teachers’ luncheons, and more.

Divorce & Family Law Attorneys Serving Families Throughout Galveston County

I look forward to seeing the ways my membership with the Clear Lake Area Chamber of Commerce will allow me to connect with other community leaders and serve more families and couples in need of legal assistance. My legal team and I provide compassionate, dependable service for people experiencing conflicts and challenges of all kinds, including:

If you are experiencing divorce, parenting conflicts, or any other family legal issues, I may be able to help you and the other parties involved reach a positive solution and avoid further contention. I am prepared to help you by starting with a free, 30-minute consultation over the phone.

Call (409) 515-7063 today to speak to me or a member of my team. You can also contact me online and send me your information to set up a meeting.

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