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DUE TO COVID-19, We Are Available by Telephone and Video Conferencing

DUE TO COVID-19, We Are Available by Telephone and Video Conferencing

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Pre-Divorce Planning In Galveston

Simplifying The Complicated Process

If you are considering a divorce, planning beforehand can be extremely beneficial and make the transition easier. The financial impact of a divorce is often an important concern for both parties. Your divorce agreement will include how assets will be divided, if any alimony/spousal support or child support will be paid, and the amount. Understanding the financial impact of your divorce ahead of time can help you better prepare for the future.

My name is Attorney Karenko and I am an experienced divorce attorney. I have helped many clients seeing a divorce create a plan to facilitate the process. This includes reviewing your assets and discussing what you can expect to receive (or pay) as part of your settlement.

Helping You Prepare For Divorce In Texas

There are many ways to prepare for a divorce, including:

  • Reviewing your current financial situation
  • Evaluating how your financial circumstance will change following the divorce
  • Cataloging your marital property and determining its value
  • Itemizing monthly expenses for any children, such as medical expenses, food, clothing and extracurricular activities
  • Setting aside money prior to the divorce for legal bills and related costs
  • Look for ways to increase your income if you will experience any financial losses when you end your marriage
  • Compiling and making copies of any divorce-related paperwork such as bills, statements, tax returns and loan applications

Properly planning for a divorce can put you in control of your situation and help prevent hardships and difficulties down the road. I can answer all of your questions regarding how to end your marriage and help you develop a plan that addresses all of your needs and concerns. In addition to planning, I will also provide effective representation in your divorce case, and help protect your rights and interests.

Contact my firm to find out more about the divorce process and the planning that is needed when seeking to end your marriage.