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DUE TO COVID-19, We Are Available by Telephone and Video Conferencing

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Creating Joint Custody Agreements

Sharing Child Custody After A Divorce

Texas courts tend to encourage parents to work together on parenting plans and to share the responsibility of raising their children. For many divorcing parents, however, discussions that are meant to be civil and productive can be one of the most difficult events of their lives. Ending your relationship with your spouse is in no way the same as ending your relationship with your children, and you will want to defend them as much as you can through a fair child custody agreement.

I, Galveston County divorce attorney Juliann Karenko, fully understand that you deserve to spend as much time with your children as possible. Together, we can discuss whether or not you want to consider having joint custody rights.

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What is joint custody and how does it work?

When you and your spouse agree that you both should have some say in the decision-making responsibilities for your children, joint custody could solve your problems. By acknowledging that both parents have a right to raise their children, joint custody is commonly used in uncontested divorces or separations.

Depending on your situation, you could agree to care for your kids on weekends while your spouse does so on the weekdays, or vice versa. Another popular option is to rotate the children from one house to another every few months or once a year.

Some benefits of joint custody agreements include:

  • Your child is more likely to accept living in two homes
  • The cost of raising your children remains shared
  • Ability to work together on raising your child, when necessary
  • Lessened stress on your professional or private life

Galveston County Child Custody Lawyer Fighting For Your Family

The court will always try to make a decision that “best benefits the children,” and this is might not necessarily be an agreement of joint custody. Factors such as having a suitable home environment, proximity to schools and relevant religious functions, and availability of your spouse will all need to be considered during a child custody case. If anything should be overlooked, or if misconstrued claims from your spouse damage your reputation, things might not go as you had hoped.

As a Galveston County child custody attorney with extensive experience in family law, I have seen many cases involving children, and it is my goal to first try to solve them with a fair settlement. When that is not possible, I will use my skills as a trained litigator to fight for your rights to see and raise your children as you desire. If you want to establish joint custody that does not violate your beliefs or ignore your needs, you need to speak to me as soon as possible.

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