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DUE TO COVID-19, We Are Available by Telephone and Video Conferencing

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Determining Paternity

Protect Your Rights Through The Process

If parents are unmarried when a child is born, there is no legally recognized father without specific steps being taken to rectify the situation. This leaves the child and mother without certain benefits to which they may otherwise be entitled. One of these is child support and can be a reason for the mother seeking to establish paternity.

Once this is done, a separate action regarding child support can be initiated. If support is awarded, it is usually based on both parent’s incomes. A father may also seek to prove paternity so that he may have a claim to custody. He would also have an equal right to petition for child support.

Whatever your reason for wishing to address paternity, my firm can guide you through the necessary steps and help to protect your rights throughout the process.

Establishing Paternity In Texas

In order to officially establish paternity, both parents may attest in writing as to the identity of the father. Otherwise, a court may order tests to be done to determine this at the urging of either party. This usually entails a simple genetic test requiring either a swab from the mouth or a small blood sample. These would have to be taken from the mother, the child and the alleged father and results would be available in 4-6 weeks.

There are other benefits to establishing paternity, besides the opportunity to request child support, and I, attorney Karenko, can help you with this important step. Benefits may include:

  • Having a fuller family medical history available for the child
  • The protection of medical insurance or life insurance, where available
  • Access to additional benefits such as social security, veteran benefits, military allowance and inheritances, where applicable
  • The emotional and psychological comfort of knowing the identity of both parents
  • A father’s right to request custody and a say in the child’s upbringing

Contact The Karenko Law Firm if you wish to have the paternity legally recognized.