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DUE TO COVID-19, We Are Available by Telephone and Video Conferencing

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Child Custody Modifications

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After a divorce in which a child custody settlement is established, you might still be feeling that your rights as a parent were not appropriately upheld or that it fails to address your needs. It is also entirely possible that a significant change in your personal circumstances has occurred – job loss or a debilitating injury, for example – and your child custody agreement must be altered to reflect it.

No matter why you feel a modification is necessary, there is always time to set things straight. With the professional help of a Galveston County child custody attorney from The Karenko Law Firm, you can move to have the agreement modified.

Schedule an initial consultation with my firm to begin modifying your child custody agreement on your terms.

How Can I Modify A Child Custody Agreement?

Everything that is outlined in a child custody agreement needs to be firmly established and double-checked thoroughly before you sign any documents. After all, your own livelihood and the wellbeing of your child might hinge upon the specifics of the paperwork. Even with the utmost care, it is impossible to foresee the lifestyle changes that might affect you in the future.

By moving to modify your child custody, you can usually alter the ramifications surrounding:

If you wish to make a change, it is advised that you first speak to your ex-spouse about it. If you both agree to the modification, you can unofficially put it into effect through what is sometimes referred to as a stipulated modification. Due to the fact that these changes are not in writing and not legally binding, it is not recommended that you rely on them, as your spouse can violate them at any time and without any recourse.

Furthermore, a court will usually only acknowledge a modification that was enacted due to a significant change in your financial or personal conditions that you had not anticipated.

The Karenko Law Firm Has Been Helping Families For 30 Years

The wise choice is to ask me, a Galveston County child custody attorney, to help you draft an official modification to your custody agreement. By using my help, you will be well prepared to defeat any objections your spouse may make to the changes. I understand that your goals are crucial, as they protect both you and your children, and by providing you with a dedicated approach to your case, we can reach them.

Allow me to guide you through the complex legal process of official child custody modifications. Contact my firm today to get started.