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DUE TO COVID-19, We Are Available by Telephone and Video Conferencing

DUE TO COVID-19, We Are Available by Telephone and Video Conferencing

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Enforcement Of Court Orders In Galveston

Obeying Court-Mandated Agreements

It can happen after a divorce that one spouse does not comply with the orders issued by the court as part of the divorce decree. This can be in the realm of property division, spousal support, custodychild support or any specific clauses included in your decree. If you are in the situation of having your ex-spouse disregard their responsibilities and the agreements you worked so hard to achieve, contact my firm. There are legal provisions for this circumstance and your legal representative can assist you to seek recourse.

With extensive experience gained by practicing family law in three states, I, attorney Karenko, am familiar with the intricacies of the legal system. Knowing without delay the actions that can be done to assist your case can make all the difference to its outcome. I can also take on interstate cases as my licenses are current in all states.

Protecting Your Rights In Divorce

If your ex-spouse is making mandatory payments in lesser amounts than ordered, is making them late or not at all, I can petition for enforcement. This may involve garnishment or other methods. The way in which the payments are usually made – directly or through the court – will determine which procedure will be most effective to employ.

If you have moved to Texas from another state, I can assist in registering your child support orders in Texas so that you have access to enforcement measures.

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Enforcement options are also available if your ex-spouse has not transferred property as ordered or is interfering with your visitation rights. If a motion for contempt is granted, heavier consequences may follow, such as bank account levies and seizure of tax returns. Generally, the actions taken against your ex-spouse gradually increase in severity until the situation is rectified.