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Texas Marriage Annulments

Can I get an annulment in Texas?

Under state law and specific conditions, a marriage can be annulled. When a court grants an annulment, it is stating that the marriage never legally existed. It essentially deletes the record of the marriage. If you are seeking an annulment, contact my firm to discuss your situation. A knowledgeable divorce lawyer can determine if you meet the qualifications for annulment and explain how to file a petition to void your marriage. There is no waiting period for an annulment; it can be granted immediately.

My name is Attorney Karenko and I am an experienced divorce attorney that provided legal counsel and representation to individuals seeking an annulment. I can explain the annulment process, establish your eligibility for annulment and prepare your petition. My firm will diligently protect your right to annulment and take whatever legal steps are necessary to void your marriage.

Valid Reasons for Annulment in Galveston County, TX

An annulment is a court decree that a marriage never existed. It is only granted under special circumstances, such as:

  • Marriage under the age of 14
  • Marriage under the age of 18
  • Under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Fraud, duress, or force
  • Impotency
  • Mental incapacity
  • Previous marriage undissolved
  • Concealed divorce within 30 days preceding marriage
  • Marriage took place within 72 hours after marriage license

I will compile the evidence needed for your annulment and professionally represent you at your hearing.

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    I have been serving clients for over 30 years and have extensive experience in the litigation of family law, divorce and custody matters.

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    A 1-hour phone or video consultation is available upon request. All consultations are $100 and that fee will be credited towards client retainers upon hiring me. 

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    Every client that retains me gets me. I handle every case from start to finish and never hand my clients over to an assistant.

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    At Karenko Law Firm, I  treat every client as an extension of my family. I understand that they are going through a rough time and it is important for me to provide a calm, safe and welcoming environment.

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    I currently hold active licenses in the following 3 states, Florida, Michigan, and Texas.

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  • “Mrs. Karenko is more than an attorney, she is a mentor, mediator, and sometimes a mom to her clients. She really works her best to find the best solutions to some of the most complex and sensitive family issues.”

    - Kingsey
  • “Ms. Karenko is an outstanding lawyer. I had a very difficult and complex divorce and she was wonderful. She is caring and has an excellent reputation with other lawyers and Judges.”

    - Previous Client
  • “The Karenko law firm really helped me through a rough time in my life; they are extremely professional and helped to keep me clam/relaxed through the entire process. They are honest and will fight to make sure you get out of the situation as quick as possi”

    - Wyatt
  • “Her advice and encouragement have gotten me through this-the WORST CHAPTER in my life. Juliann is a family law genius and I am so lucky to have had her on my side! She cares deeply about her clients and works hard for a positive outcome.”

    - Sarah
  • “MY FIGHT IS FINALLY OVER!!! She was amazing! I highly recommend her! She spoke to me like a friend, explaining every question I had in detail. I always felt confident every time I walked into the court room with her & never had a doubt that we would no”

    - Traci

    Treating Clients 
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